Wednesday, February 2, 2011

skin allergies

I was yesterday in the dermatology clinic to check what I have in my skin .
The doctor said it is an atopic eczema. My skin is getting so dry due from high heater temperature and makes also the air so dry. We have a humidifier but we seldom use it , starting yesterday it has to be in used.
It is also not advisable to use more bath soaps,body lotion, shampoo and too long in the shower with too warm water.
I am now using special skin creams prescribed by the doctor.
In the Philippines, I'm not having this kind of skin problems because it is a tropical country and also with very high humidity.


  1. Sorry to hear about your skin allergies..I been living here in Sweden for almost 4 years now and so far havent got any skin allergies..anyway take care of your skin and hope your skin allergie will gone soon..and thanks for the info about not to do things..usually when I do bath it took me an hour to be finish and use a lot of lotion since my skin gets dry because of the cold weather..

  2. Hi Shy,
    Wow! what great naman. In my case, when the winter is approaching start the itches trouble
    Its such uncomfort.

  3. mahalon au kag skin I. thanked god i do not have any skin allergies from whatsoever.

  4. Lucky you are! poor I am. lol
    lagi oi,cant do nothing but to follow the medications nalang kay kung dili na mag antos ko ani sa kakatol,, unya mas worse na if katulon nako ug maau.

  5. AKo pud Irene, I keep struggling with my skin allergies :(( ... kung cream and oitment lang, ambut pila na kabuok akong nahurot. may gani kay na wala wla na, mao pud lagi ako sabun pambata, pag moanha nako sa NL, tawn ga dala ko ug oilatum dha.

  6. Na, daghan nata ani Fe.
    Mao lagi sa panahon sad daw ni,unsaon humid baya diha sa atoa, tapos mostly sun is shining. Mag oily pa gani ako skin diha,, pag abot dinhi mag dry, mao na daun mag sugod na ang gira sa kakatol. Na daghan napod ko nahurot ngaa creams ug ointment, usahay mag pul-an nalang ko. Hahay maski pa ug mag summer dinhi kay usahay mokalit lang pod ug katugnaw kaau. :-(