Sunday, January 30, 2011

skin problems and care

I am experiencing skin irritation and itches mostly in winter or when the temperature is too cold.
I keep going to my housedoctor and this is now my three times in a year, I got already several medications like skin creams, anti-itch pills to stop the itches and hypoallergenic bath soap but it may stop for a week but it keeps coming back.
It's terrible and very uncomfort.
So I decided to make appointment to my housedoctor to provide me an authorization to go to the dermatology
clinic (skin specialist) here in the Netherlands.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sending money to the Philippines

I was shock when I checked my bank statements that they charge me 28 euros for every transaction sending money to the Philippines.
So if i send 100 euros it cost me 28 euros, and even I send only 50 euros so more than the half is the cost? And it takes at least 7 working days that money will be in the Philippine bank account. This is serious!
Here are the list i checked about their money transfer charges to the Philippines:
1.ABN-AMRO- 5.50 euros
2.SNS bank - 7 euros
3.Western-union money transfer - 17 euros ( and you get the money right after a minute of transaction)
So, we went to my bank and ask why they charge me so high compared to the other banks here in the Netherlands? ever higher than western union.
Ok fine, they said we will handle working with your complain, we will call you soon we found the details.
Well the next day they call and says, that is really their normal charges.
It's unbelievable! So We decided to make an official complain per writting direct to the main office.
Has anyone experiencing the same?
Your input is highly appreciated.
Thank you.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A good news of the day

Happy today at my work :-) just happy.
I spoke with my lady boss ( see my previous post) and now she is going to take an action which is fair to everybody.
I usually optismistic when its come having a problem, because I always believe that " in every problem there is always a solution".

Thursday, January 20, 2011

bad news at my work

I am now working for nearly three months here the Netherlands, these will be my very first job in these country after nearly 2 years of living here.
I'm happy I have this work just 3 minutes walking away from my house, so I dont need a car ,I cant still drive :-( due to lack of self confidence. I am still busy with my driving lesson at a moment.
I start to be unhappy last week, because I have one collague who seems to be unfriendly to me. You can noticed it not only the way how people's act but by looking to their eyes also.
I find it so unhappy and uncomfort when working with someone who seems to be doesn't like at you. So one day, I ask her a some minutes to talk, so we did I express almost everything ( not everything because of the language difference).
I told her that I find her so unfriendly, that it is not good in the companionship as collagues, Did you have a problem working with me? And She answer just "NO".
I dont have a problem working with you and I didnt mean it to be unfriendly to you. Only when its too busy then I began having problem with you.
Why? because I make faults!
If my other collagues make mistakes ,it seems to be no big deal and they are working there already for nearly a year and years and I for just nearly three months but not daily basis, only 3x a week.
I ask myself, why she is like that? I am so nice to her (and to everybody) and I try to deal and speak with her with my best dutch because she speak absolutely no english.
When she experience the same someday,hope she will realize how hard and unhappy it is.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meet-ups and new friends

I'm so glad my co-blogger, and two friends from facebook is finally able to meet in personally next week. I am looking forward meeting them all.
All of us speaks the same mother tougue language,so it is very fine socializing with, i mean is easier in the conversation. We are still in difficulties to speak and understand the dutch language, so have some break, some food, some conversation using our own mother toungue language.
See you all soon.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

being far away

Far away from your love one's one of the hardest situation.
The very first time i leave my country to work to other country when i was 23, it was really hard time. But after you are used to be always away from home then it will be easier, i can easily adjust to handle it now.
But, it is not always that easy, sometimes for example now my Pa has to be hospitalized and undergo for surgery this month because of his hernia. But still not able to make an appointment for his surgery because he is a high blood too. Now the doctor prescribed such an expensive medication and told my Ma to buy it only to the specific pharmacy which is the known one of the expensive pharmacy in the country, and without knowing of my Ma, she just followed what the doctor says. In some situations, the doctor prescribed also an expensive branded medicines and demand that no generics, what about the poor people like me is not able to pay those, we just die then? luckily i have a work now,and i have to work, work and work hard for it to be able to pay those expenses. Its ridiculous that the doctors do this way, I mean,we have the right to find which pharmacy is cheaper and where we decide to buy.
It is clear that doctor is receiving a reward from this expensive pharmacy. How i wish, i can be easily and cheaply get there, to handle myself this kind of situation.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My excuses to all

Sorry for the delayed post, my laptop was crushed. I bring it to the software technician, he can't repair it and probably a hardware problem so I bring it again to a harware specialist, ok, it's hardware problem and the cost to repair will be nearly the same worth of a new laptop. So pity, its just 8 months old.
I have to buy new one, thank you to my husband who sponsored for new.
Then,I have to wait one week of delivery, so more delayed.
Thanx I have it now, and be able blogging again.