Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas to all

Here comes the major celebration again in countries around the world, "christmas day".

To my family in the Philippines: I missed you all. I believe that the best christmas gift for us is to be enjoy being together but so sorry cant make it this time. I hope on next christmas we will be all together. Even all of you are so far from me, but in my thoughts and in my heart you are so near. -Happy Christmas to you all-

To my friends:
Trusting, supportive, ever ready to lend a helping hand, and understanding a friend is all of these and much more. They are our confidant with whom we can share even our innermost feelings. A friend understands what troubles you even when you haven't uttered a single word. Its about time you thank your friend for being what he/she is - a wonderful companion you could not do without.. -Happy Christmas-

And to my dear readers and guest:
May the Christmas season
fill your home with joy
your heart with love
and your life with laughter.
-Happy Christmas-

-Happy Christmas to all-


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Learn to speak dutch

As I am living now in the Netherlands, I am learning new dutch words everyday, as i try to speak it everyday in the dutch society.
In the very beginning it was very difficult for me, but tja it is handicap if you dont speak the language in the country where you are living or working.
I am happy i speak dutch now reasonable.
Below, some easy ways to ask for help with the dutch language.

1.I am sorry, I don’t speak dutch -

Het spijt me, Ik spreek geen Nederlands

2.I'm learning Dutch -

Ik leer Nederlands

3. I understand reasonable dutch -

Ik begrijp redelijk Nederlands

4. But I cannot speak it well -

Maar ik kan het niet goed spreken

5. I can speak Dutch but not good enough -

Ik spreek Nederlands maar niet goed genoeg

6. Do you speak also English and Spanish? -

Spreek je ook Engels en Spaans?

7. Can you repeat it for me please? -

Kun je dat voor mij herhalen alsjeblieft?

8. Can you speak slowly please? -

Kun je spreek iets langzaam alsjeblieft?

9. What does it mean? -

Wat betekent is dat?

10.I need help with the Dutch language -

Ik heb hulp nodig met de Nederlandse taal

11.How do you say that/this in Dutch? -

Hoe zeg je dat/dit in het Nederlands?

12.Could you pronounce it for me? -

Kun je het voor mij uitspreken?

13.How do you spell that word? -

Hoe spel je dat woord?

14. Can you teach me some Dutch? -

Kun je me wat Nederlands leren?

15.I find the pronunciation difficult -

Ik vind de uitspraak moeilijk


Sunday, December 12, 2010

A long day

What a long and busy day yesterday at work, I start 9 a.m till 9 p.m with 1 hour
rest so I work 11 hours yesterday.

There was a big celebration yesterday with around 80 guest in the meeting room, the party ends at 4 p.m and luckily got a chance to have a one hour rest from 4 p.m till 5.
In 5 p.m I have to start again, and it was really a very busy again.. so much people ordering foods in the cafeteria and same in the bar and in the meeting room has another dancing party, can you imagine how busy it is? at 8 p.m i begin already to feel tired and i need really a rest.
So luckily at 9 p.m is not so busy anymore in the cafeteria so i will be able to go home.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter lips care tips and winter giveaways

Cracked lips are a common problem in the winter season. Lips need much care to be taken in the winter and hot seasons so I want to share all these useful tips here with you to provide you with best and easy methods to take proper care of your lips specially now in winter season.Lips are a sensitive body organ and the fact that we use them for speaking, eating and smiling, it is advisable to know the ways to take care of lips.
It is seen that seasons affect the lips as they are exposed to the elements directly and like hair need a lot of care.

During winters, it's largely the lips that bear the brunt. As lips have extremely sensitive skin, they appear cracked, bleed and seem to be unnaturally red, as the mercury drops.
Try out some of the methods given below to make lips look beautiful in winter.

1). Try to maintain the moisture level of the lips by using some lip balms.
2). Use natural lip balms other than lips products having chemicals available in the market.
3). If your lips are cracked and you are in pain, apply some ghee, butter or milk cream on your lips before going to the bed and wash it off in the morning. Doing this, you will cure your cracked lips very soon.
4). Don’t let the lips dry during the whole day and apply some lip balm on lips two or three times a day.
5). Remove lip stick before going to bed and apply lip balm on regular basis.
And for the completeness of my winter lips care tips you can get one labello lipcare from me for free to everybody who is interested wherever you are in the world.
1. You must have a blog or a website.
2. You must be a follower of my blog( of course I’m going to follow you also.)
3. Put your comment that you are interested to have one free labello lipscare, please include also your email where I can be able to contact you.
4. Share my winter lipscare giveaways to your blog or website.

That’s how so simple as that.
This is first come, first serve basis only until for the first five who participate.
Get it now!

I am not advertising or paid any of labello products lipscare. All of this giveways are in my own cost.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) party

Sinterklaas is one of the important yearly celebration every 5 of December here in the Netherlands. It is not only an important celebration but a tradition too.

My very first time attending this celebration with my dutch family. It was exciting and joyful, everybody got a gift from Sinterklaas with a poem also.
For adult:It is actually everybody (the whole family) is preparing a gift for the whole family but the gifts you recieve you have not to know from who of the family is the gift coming from, assuming it is from sint Nicholas(sinterklaas).Sometimes you noticed it and have idea from who the gift coming from but sometimes you have no idea.
For kids: They got gifts with poems and they believe that it is from sint Nicholas (sinterklaas).
I got many gifts posted above and with two poems attached, I have to read first the poem, the poem is something to do with the gift, after reading the poem then, you may open the gift, show it to everybody, everybody is giving applause. I find it so great and interesting! Thank you so much sint Nicholas! (Dankje wel Sinterklaas!)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas celebration

This is my fifth christmas not in the Philippines.
I'm usually visiting my family in the Philippines once a year but not in christmas season.
My sister is now start planning about organizing a small family christmas party, and hoping that we (with my husband) could join.
But its not that near fly to Philippines to celebrate christmas in there, hope the next christmas.
So, my sister is busy about, like what and who.
What will be the give-aways, or gifts?
What will be the games?
Who will contribute for this, etc.
I promised to contibute the letchon baboy. I have still small sister, the youngest and small nieces too so I am thinking to prepare some questions about geography and who can give the correct answer will got a prize! I think it will be interesting! of course I will contribute what will be the prize, at least even we're not there but do something to make the celebration more meaningful..
Can anyone has other idea?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

free day

I have no work today so I have enough time cooking and baking filipino foods, blogging and housekeeping.
I baked today bitter melon (ampalaya) with eggs and salted tiny shripms(bagoong alamang).
I cooked also sinigang na salmon both are real filipino taste.
Since there is not much filipino shops in this country, I have to prepare it myself, luckily i can be able to buy some ingredients in the asian store 30 minutes drive from my place.
My day is complete after eating much of this! ( with rice).

My first winter

It is now the beginning of the real winter.
Everywhere is almost snow and white. The first day was exciting, sure when the snow begins and has to be outside, feel the snow... it's not so cold yet.
My dogs are exciting too, playing with snow and curious, even trying to taste the snow!
In the next day the snow is getting too thick and so cold, and not so exciting anymore :-(.
Dont like to go outside, and my dogs too.
I put now the heater always in high temperature, will be cost more energy but no other choice.
The same story in tropical country, using airconditioning for cooling.