Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just beautiful

I took this picture just before the winter. I find it beautiful! Those are ducks, they migrate to warm country before start the cold winter. It's just amazing, they always fly with V form.


  1. WOw love th shot, I saw a lot of that too in our balcony..like you said they migrate to other country when its start to get cold.

  2. @ S-H-Y, thank you.. Yes, it is indeed nice..
    @ Fe, thank u Fe sa pag dayig..

  3. @ S-H-Y, Hi.. I did added ur new blog. I was visited u today, cant find where i can leave my notes ;-). Congratulation pala to be a new Mom, u have such a cute little angel.
    Irene( A new world of living)

  4. we have some ducks that visit the river in front our house--this made my gals so excited!

  5. @ Mayet, Hi thank u for coming back. I added u already to my list.