Saturday, March 5, 2011

after vacation

Hello all,
I'm happy to be back again from vacation.
We did enjoy swimming in the sea and exploring around the island. The beaches are fantastic blue and pure white sand.It's a colorfull island in the caribbean and warm the whole year but above 33-34 degrees is too warm for me. Near to the sea is of course not so warm as the wind blows always.
The island is colony of the Netherlands,nice to see the old dutch architectures. Of course there are still many dutch on the island for business and to live.


  1. wow... bakasyon galore jud d ay atong beauty dha irene :)... hows your vacation man?

  2. Wow summer na pala dyan sa Netherland, dito sa Sweden malamig pa eh..pero pa tunaw na ang mga soon summer na nmn..makakatikim na kami ng init lol..

  3. Hi Fe, na arang inita lagi didto oi sa Curacao. mas init pa diha sa atoa. Kumusta na ang Pinas Fe, i kiss nalang ko diha, ug ikaon pod ko apil.. oi, I like ur new sandals diay. :-)

  4. @ Shy, oo summer is on the air na.. pero spring pa pero mostly Mr. sun is shining so often.

  5. welcome back I. Excited for my souvenier all the way from Caracao. Hope to see you soon