Tuesday, March 22, 2011

foreign language

Yesterday was so busy in my working place until a group of 15 people came inside to eat.
So ok, as per order from the manager, I have to write name and surname per person.
So now, I came to their table with pen and paper and ask nicely of course name per person. In dutch some have easy names but mostly have difficult names ( for foreigner's like me) but i am still learning the language. The first person name,was easy so that was fine, and the next is so difficult name and I have no idea how to spell it so I ask him can you write it for me, but he does'nt want to write, and it seems he find it annoying.
Then I find it arrogant and unfriendly, luckily the next lady set beside him offer to write it for me, I thank her so much. I dont understand why there are people who dont have understanding for a foreigner who live in their country not enough long and therefore still cant speak the language fluently.
Is that because they even dont speak other languages and therefore they dont even appreciate you that you can speak reasonable their language?
I mean dutch is not an easy language as english.
In my case, if i hear a foreigner who can speak my own language, then I find it great,and give him a compliment, appreciate him.

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