Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rainy day

It is known here in the Netherlands, how the weather change so quickly from sunny to a rainy disaster,resulting my laundry wet again. I was just busy with housekeeping and just immediately the rain falls so hard and it was too late to remove my laudry hanging outside.
So no more sun for my laundry to dry today, have to put them to the hu.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Summer is on the air!

So today,I have not to work and it is so nice sunny day!
My agenda for today:
*laundry and hang it outside under the sun :-)
*cleaning the house
*give shower to my 2 dogs
I think that will be enough for today.
Have a nice day everyone...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

foreign language

Yesterday was so busy in my working place until a group of 15 people came inside to eat.
So ok, as per order from the manager, I have to write name and surname per person.
So now, I came to their table with pen and paper and ask nicely of course name per person. In dutch some have easy names but mostly have difficult names ( for foreigner's like me) but i am still learning the language. The first person name,was easy so that was fine, and the next is so difficult name and I have no idea how to spell it so I ask him can you write it for me, but he does'nt want to write, and it seems he find it annoying.
Then I find it arrogant and unfriendly, luckily the next lady set beside him offer to write it for me, I thank her so much. I dont understand why there are people who dont have understanding for a foreigner who live in their country not enough long and therefore still cant speak the language fluently.
Is that because they even dont speak other languages and therefore they dont even appreciate you that you can speak reasonable their language?
I mean dutch is not an easy language as english.
In my case, if i hear a foreigner who can speak my own language, then I find it great,and give him a compliment, appreciate him.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Here we go carnival a very busy days, and i'm so tired from work have to work till 1o hours a day...i'm totally knock-out so today is time for rest, household chores and blogging.

Carnival in the Netherlands is also called "Vastenavond" or "Vastelaovend", and is most celebrated in Catholic regions, mainly the southern provinces North Brabant and Limburg. Dutch Carnival is celebrated on the Saturday through Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday. Although traditions vary from town to town, some common characteristics of Dutch Carnival include a parade, a "prince" plus cortège ("Council of 11"), a farmer's wedding (boerenbruiloft), and eating herring (haring happen) on Ash Wednesday.

One variant of Dutch Carnival is known as the Rijnlandsche Carnival, which can be seen in the province of Limburg. The province's capital of Maastricht holds a street carnival featuring elaborate costumes that resemble some South American and Venecian influences. Intentionally amateurish marchingbands ('Zaate Hermeniekes' or 'Drunken Marching Bands') traditionally perform on the streets. In recent years samba bands have become more popular.

The oldest-known Dutch carnival festivities date from 1385 in 's-Hertogenbosch. They are depicted in several paintings by 15th-century painter Jheronimus Bosch. During the three days of the carnival, 's-Hertogenbosch changes its name to "Oeteldonk," which means "Frog Hill." This name changing tradition is common in and around NoordBrabant.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

after vacation

Hello all,
I'm happy to be back again from vacation.
We did enjoy swimming in the sea and exploring around the island. The beaches are fantastic blue and pure white sand.It's a colorfull island in the caribbean and warm the whole year but above 33-34 degrees is too warm for me. Near to the sea is of course not so warm as the wind blows always.
The island is colony of the Netherlands,nice to see the old dutch architectures. Of course there are still many dutch on the island for business and to live.