Monday, November 29, 2010

drinking coffee with dutch

Yesterday after my work, with my all dutch collagues drinking coffie together. They ask me if i want a cookie with my coffie, and said yes, if there is.
There are still cookies and I have to pick it myself in the place where it is, I bring the whole box of cookies to the table, and you know what they are saying? Oh! for a cup of coffie with one box of cookies... and i was not surprised, I mean I did bring the whole box maybe somebody wants some more cookies? It is really a dutch type, 1 cup of coffie and 1 piece of cookie. You think its strange? It's just normal for them.


  1. i think i will do the same too
    kabalo nka mga pinoy, nice kaau ang cup of coffie sa dghan nga biscuit og pan.

  2. Your right Yen,
    So now, I be careful for the next time, 1 cup of coffie, 1 piece of buiscuit. Noted na.. :-(