Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lumpia's I made today.

So i'm now nearly one month in my work.

We( my employer and collagues) are talking about food, If do I like the dutch foods, I answer, only some. Most of them likes asian foods. They decide to let me taste some dutch foods, likes crokketen, frikandel and more.

I should say that, its not my taste but not bad, I still prepare to eat with rice at least once a day is fine.

In the Philippines, we eat 3 x a day with rice until in the first time i'm in the other country, I have to adopt eating bread with butter in the morning, will be so happy if i got 3 x in a week rice.

It was in Kuwait, the very first world i enter, sure is so different country ( see my previous post about this country).

Now ok,back to the food tasting, they wants to taste the lumpia and have the recipe of it, so today I made those lumpia's above :-).