Friday, November 19, 2010

My first day of job

My first day of job and my very first job here in the Netherlands was mixed feelings of excitements and nervous, as how my collagues and boss would be. Everything was very good organized, the only thing is the pressures to know everything like products and machines operations,the language, sometimes i'ts hard to understand them if they speak so fast. I work in bar and restaurant with a combination of meeting room for any speacial occations like birthdays, wedding and etc.
I have many collagues, trying not to forget their names, luckily most of them have not so difficult names that I could easily can keep it because I always ask, ask and ask everything I should know.
Happily, my boss and collagues has a good first impression on my ability to work.
What about you? Maybe you can share your experience of your first day of job too? Thank you for sharing.


  1. good for u girl kay u know and speak some dutch words. after 2 months, u'll get use to it. same here, nervousness strikes at all time. keep posting and blogging

  2. Hi Yen, I have to otherwise I cant talk to them, but I just found out my employer speaks english too but only used it if in emergency ( that I cant understand them) :-)