Tuesday, January 11, 2011

being far away

Far away from your love one's one of the hardest situation.
The very first time i leave my country to work to other country when i was 23, it was really hard time. But after you are used to be always away from home then it will be easier, i can easily adjust to handle it now.
But, it is not always that easy, sometimes for example now my Pa has to be hospitalized and undergo for surgery this month because of his hernia. But still not able to make an appointment for his surgery because he is a high blood too. Now the doctor prescribed such an expensive medication and told my Ma to buy it only to the specific pharmacy which is the known one of the expensive pharmacy in the country, and without knowing of my Ma, she just followed what the doctor says. In some situations, the doctor prescribed also an expensive branded medicines and demand that no generics, what about the poor people like me is not able to pay those, we just die then? luckily i have a work now,and i have to work, work and work hard for it to be able to pay those expenses. Its ridiculous that the doctors do this way, I mean,we have the right to find which pharmacy is cheaper and where we decide to buy.
It is clear that doctor is receiving a reward from this expensive pharmacy. How i wish, i can be easily and cheaply get there, to handle myself this kind of situation.

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