Thursday, January 20, 2011

bad news at my work

I am now working for nearly three months here the Netherlands, these will be my very first job in these country after nearly 2 years of living here.
I'm happy I have this work just 3 minutes walking away from my house, so I dont need a car ,I cant still drive :-( due to lack of self confidence. I am still busy with my driving lesson at a moment.
I start to be unhappy last week, because I have one collague who seems to be unfriendly to me. You can noticed it not only the way how people's act but by looking to their eyes also.
I find it so unhappy and uncomfort when working with someone who seems to be doesn't like at you. So one day, I ask her a some minutes to talk, so we did I express almost everything ( not everything because of the language difference).
I told her that I find her so unfriendly, that it is not good in the companionship as collagues, Did you have a problem working with me? And She answer just "NO".
I dont have a problem working with you and I didnt mean it to be unfriendly to you. Only when its too busy then I began having problem with you.
Why? because I make faults!
If my other collagues make mistakes ,it seems to be no big deal and they are working there already for nearly a year and years and I for just nearly three months but not daily basis, only 3x a week.
I ask myself, why she is like that? I am so nice to her (and to everybody) and I try to deal and speak with her with my best dutch because she speak absolutely no english.
When she experience the same someday,hope she will realize how hard and unhappy it is.

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