Monday, January 24, 2011

Sending money to the Philippines

I was shock when I checked my bank statements that they charge me 28 euros for every transaction sending money to the Philippines.
So if i send 100 euros it cost me 28 euros, and even I send only 50 euros so more than the half is the cost? And it takes at least 7 working days that money will be in the Philippine bank account. This is serious!
Here are the list i checked about their money transfer charges to the Philippines:
1.ABN-AMRO- 5.50 euros
2.SNS bank - 7 euros
3.Western-union money transfer - 17 euros ( and you get the money right after a minute of transaction)
So, we went to my bank and ask why they charge me so high compared to the other banks here in the Netherlands? ever higher than western union.
Ok fine, they said we will handle working with your complain, we will call you soon we found the details.
Well the next day they call and says, that is really their normal charges.
It's unbelievable! So We decided to make an official complain per writting direct to the main office.
Has anyone experiencing the same?
Your input is highly appreciated.
Thank you.


  1. Hi Jane,
    Yes, I did today.
    I choose the #2. kana raman gud ang nearest sa amoang place.
    thanx for your time reading.
    I was reading your blog too. It's nice! nice writting too.
    good start.

  2. i thought same bank nata I...sayang. nice layout!

  3. @ Khaye, Hi!
    Thanx for your time reading.
    Yes, it could also be, who knows. :-)