Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My first winter

It is now the beginning of the real winter.
Everywhere is almost snow and white. The first day was exciting, sure when the snow begins and has to be outside, feel the snow... it's not so cold yet.
My dogs are exciting too, playing with snow and curious, even trying to taste the snow!
In the next day the snow is getting too thick and so cold, and not so exciting anymore :-(.
Dont like to go outside, and my dogs too.
I put now the heater always in high temperature, will be cost more energy but no other choice.
The same story in tropical country, using airconditioning for cooling.


  1. i was excited the first time but i did not realize if the snow melt, it will be muddy all over!

  2. your right yen, i am nearly fall off from my bike yesterday because its so slippery..