Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) party

Sinterklaas is one of the important yearly celebration every 5 of December here in the Netherlands. It is not only an important celebration but a tradition too.

My very first time attending this celebration with my dutch family. It was exciting and joyful, everybody got a gift from Sinterklaas with a poem also.
For adult:It is actually everybody (the whole family) is preparing a gift for the whole family but the gifts you recieve you have not to know from who of the family is the gift coming from, assuming it is from sint Nicholas(sinterklaas).Sometimes you noticed it and have idea from who the gift coming from but sometimes you have no idea.
For kids: They got gifts with poems and they believe that it is from sint Nicholas (sinterklaas).
I got many gifts posted above and with two poems attached, I have to read first the poem, the poem is something to do with the gift, after reading the poem then, you may open the gift, show it to everybody, everybody is giving applause. I find it so great and interesting! Thank you so much sint Nicholas! (Dankje wel Sinterklaas!)

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