Wednesday, December 1, 2010

free day

I have no work today so I have enough time cooking and baking filipino foods, blogging and housekeeping.
I baked today bitter melon (ampalaya) with eggs and salted tiny shripms(bagoong alamang).
I cooked also sinigang na salmon both are real filipino taste.
Since there is not much filipino shops in this country, I have to prepare it myself, luckily i can be able to buy some ingredients in the asian store 30 minutes drive from my place.
My day is complete after eating much of this! ( with rice).


  1. oh my! we were chatting at this time...i wish i was also 30 mins. away from you para tsibugan daun ta

  2. Hi Yen..,
    How was your day? thanx for dropping by.
    I hope that too. If you're planning on moving to a new place,than thats the opportunity maybe nearer from my place? ;-)