Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas celebration

This is my fifth christmas not in the Philippines.
I'm usually visiting my family in the Philippines once a year but not in christmas season.
My sister is now start planning about organizing a small family christmas party, and hoping that we (with my husband) could join.
But its not that near fly to Philippines to celebrate christmas in there, hope the next christmas.
So, my sister is busy about, like what and who.
What will be the give-aways, or gifts?
What will be the games?
Who will contribute for this, etc.
I promised to contibute the letchon baboy. I have still small sister, the youngest and small nieces too so I am thinking to prepare some questions about geography and who can give the correct answer will got a prize! I think it will be interesting! of course I will contribute what will be the prize, at least even we're not there but do something to make the celebration more meaningful..
Can anyone has other idea?

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