Monday, July 20, 2009


Costarica is a country in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the east and south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and south and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

Costarica translates literally as "Rich Coast" with a population of 4,509,290.
Capital city is SanJose and the official language is Spanish and 5% can speak and understand english and the rest only spanish.
We stay in Costarica during summer, we have also a house there.
Costarica in generally, the best time to visit Costa Rica is the dry season from December through April, which locals refer to as verano (summer). Dry season does not mean it does not rain; it just rains less (so perhaps should be called the ‘drier season’). Costa Rican schools are closed from December to February, when beach towns are busy, especially on weekends. Lodgings during Semana Santa are usually booked months ahead.
In May begins the rainy season, or invierno (winter) as it’s known locally. The tourism ministry has come up with the more attractive denomination of ‘green season’. The early months of the rainy season are actually a wonderful time to travel to Costa Rica: you can avoid the tourist bustle and lodging is slightly cheaper. During this time, however, rivers start to swell and dirt roads get muddy, making travel more challenging. Some more remote roads may not be accessible to public transportation, so always ask locally before setting out. Bring your umbrella and a little patience.

I am posting also some photos when we went to Manuel Antonio for Mangrove forest tour, we really had a great time! bringing some palm nuts to give to the monkeys and had seen many more animals in the forest. The nature and the beach is just fantastic!


  1. Yikes careful with the raccoons you don't normally see them out during the day unless they are sick. Plus they are very common carriers of rabies.

  2. Hi Len, thank you for visiting my blog.
    really? they are not aggressive anyhow that time, but they will stole your things if they got a chance.