Monday, July 20, 2009


This is my husband's country so, i have to explore also in this country of tulips flowers, the windmills, the woodenshoes,water and dikes.

A country in northwestern Europe,capital city is Amsterdam and the official language is Dutch with a population of 16,500 million.

Queen Beatrix succeeded her mother as Queen of the Netherlands in 1980. From that date, Her Majesty formed part of the government. The Queen was married to Prince Claus. They had three sons: Prince Willem-Alexander, Prince Friso and Prince Constantijn. The eldest, Prince Willem-Alexander – the Prince of Orange – will succeed her.
Dutch make the land out of the sea, and there is a saying that: the sea is thier best friend but also their greatest enemy.
They are also great in high tech country in transportation,sea-toweling and constructing worldwide big water works.
And of course there are many boats (also sailing boats), We tried once with a cousin of my husband,it was so windy and the boat was shaking and makes me dizzy and makes me uncomfortable, i feel sorry, instead i had to enjoy.
What about woonboot,where the people living aboard.
Caravan- a little house behind the car, when you go to vacation with a caravan you dont need a hotel.
the camper- traveling with a combination of a car and a house.
Bike- biking to the city? its great and fun! no need a parking fee.
We live in the North part of Holland on a ship (25m) which is renovated for a comfortable life.

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