Sunday, July 19, 2009


Italy is located in the southern part of Europe with two largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily and Sardinia. Official language is Italian with 60,045,068 population.
I visited only in island of sardegna, and i stay at the Fortevillage hotel.
What a great hotel, fronting the sea with all those nice flowers and trees around!
Sardegna is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and is formed by a series of mountainous massifs, hills and narrow highlands. The coasts are jagged and rocky, interspersed with marvelous beaches of very fine sand and countless inlets. The seaside landscapes, especially on the Costa Smeralda, are among the most beautiful in the world. Numerous small, enchanting islets are scattered in front of the coasts.Cities: Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia, ruled by a special statute. Other provinces are Sassari, Nuoro, Oristano, Carbonia-Iglesias, Olbia-Tempio, Medio Campidano, and Ogliastra.
In my next visit together with my husband to Italy im planning to visit Sicily and Tuscany.

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